Hi and Welcome!!

My name is Cassie and have found relief for my anxiety through running and mediation. As I start this site I hope that I can reach others who suffer with anxiety, depression, and even stress will find strength and relief here.

Some of the things that I hope you (and myself as well) find here:

  • guidance on connecting with yourself
  • learning the practice of being present
  • learning new yoga poses to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems
  • learning how to love running
  • learning how to connect with yourself and your anxiety
  • learning how to meditate
  • learning mindfulness and how to practice daily
  • learning how to live life to the fullest

I have high hopes for this blog. I hope that I am able to reach people who don’t know where to go or what path to take. It can be confusing when you live with mental health issues…but the good news is that you are not alone. And many people have found a way to not only live with mental health problems…but THRIVE. This isn’t a blog from a professional…I am not a world renowned yogi or monk with years and years of practice. What I hope to find is people who want to learn along side me. Creating a community of people who’s one goals is to get better and live better lives through health, wellness, and soulful presence.

Please feel free to send me any messages! I would love to hear about your progress or suggestions!