Not so bendy

So this week has been drastically better than last, thank goodness! Less anxiety all around! I have been doing the fast and feel ok. Yesterday was the worst, but today woke up and didn’t feel to bad.

One thing that I have added to my routine over the last 6 months has been yoga. This was more out of necessity then desire. About 5 months ago I ran for the first time outside and got plantar fasciitis and I was out of the run game for about two weeks. I’d never run outside before and was completely unaware that your body needs to be warned of this new venture. So I did research and learned that I would probably need to start stretching the feet and use a compression sock for a while. So I look up yoga stretches for runners. I found a quick pre-run one that I have been doing almost before every run. I find it ritualistic now. If I don’t do it I worry about whether or not I am going to get some weird injury.

So I was doing my stretches and WHAM…one day after a run on a treadmill I started to have this horrible pain in my left hip. Later realized that I was going to fast on the treadmill and was overstriding. This was the worst thing I have ever been through. This happened over 2 months ago and I still at times get pains. I took it easy for a week or so. But I was determined to move past this by stretching, icing, and rest. So I got even more into yoga. As I started to do more and more I started to venture into new videos. And not just “stretching” videos. I started to work on breathing for runners, anxiety and stress yoga, flow yoga, etc. So I decided that I want to work on some of the flexibility poses, first up…forward bend.

I am crazy inflexible. I think I may be the most inflexible person on planet earth. I get so tight after exercise, stretching or no stretching. I have been doing yoga poses most days and have increased flexibility a tad. But I decided on working on my forward bend as my main focus. Here is where I am today:

Needless to say…I am at the start block. But we all have goals we want to work on. So I did some research and looked for ways to gain flexibility in forward bend. For the video check out my Instagram @runcassierun

  1. place hands on hips, thumb on your back side. Use your hands as a pivot point.
  2. lower slowly, feel the stretch in your hamstrings and hips
  3. release your shoulders and head so that they are relaxed.
  4. see how far you can go.
  5. bend your knees as much as you need to place palms on the ground
  6. slowly straighten your knees and slide hands along shins.
  7. Repeat by bending your knees. Slowly you will gain flexibility to be able to bend, place your palms on the ground with a straight flat back.

One video I watched she said your legs are like taffy. If you want to share you don’t just break it apart. You have to slowly go back and forth until the taffy starts to loosen and then you can separate. That’s how your hamstrings are…you have to give them the time to learn to be flexible! Maybe that will be my mantra for the next week or so…Give it time.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Some people can put there elbows on the floor…I mean I can’t even imagine!!

Tag me on instagram of your forward bends!!


Fasting Mimicking Diet: 411

So what the heck is a fasting mimicking diet?!?!

So a couple months ago my fiancé was talking about this diet called “Fasting Mimicking” and he wanted to know if I would want to do it with him. Now listen, anyone who knows me knows that I love food. So I was skeptical at first. I wanted to know why and how this works? What is the purpose? Is it a one time and done thing? How is it different from other diets/fast? Well those are some of the question I imagine you have and I am going to answer them!! So let’s get started 😉

  1. What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet? The name is a perfect portrayal this “diet” (I put it in quotes because I think that might be the only confusing part). Fasting has been a part of human history for a variety of religious, spiritual, and nutritional reasons. There is evidence that shows that fasting allows the body to rejuvenate and clear out “clutter”. So why would the body need to get rid of the clutter you ask?!?! The FOOD we eat. The food that we eat is actually making people sicker. Most of the food that we eat is loaded with chemicals and preservatives that does serious damage to our bodies. So fasting works to “reboot” the body back to a more homeostatic state. The problem with true fasting is that it can take a lot of will power and when you feel down in the dumps people often go back to food to make them feel better. So researchers tried to see if they could get the same effects of fasting but with allowing participants to eat certain foods and certain caloric intake daily. So with true fasting you have no food, only water for a period of time. With fasting mimicking you are allowed an allotment of calories daily that you can use on good proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. The researchers found that there is no significant difference between total fasting and fasting mimicking. AND more people are likely to follow through if there are allow to have some food. So here is the break down:

Day 1:

1/2 Daily Calories

Eliminate most Carbohydrates (only complex carbs like whole wheat toast, oatmeal)

(Two meals from the fast, 1st picture is soup that I made for the week and the second is my first day evening meal salmon and vegetables)

Day 2-5:

1/3 Calories

Limit protein, take in most healthy fats (nuts, avocado, chia seeds)

Only carbohydrates come from vegetables

2. So what is the purpose of fasting mimicking? The purpose is very simple…to give your body the opportunity to revamp itself, to help it clean out the clutter to work more efficiently. When you do the fast your body cleans out toxins from your organs and your body stream. It gives you immune system time to catch up and not work so hard fighting off all the junk that we put in our bodies. AND by doing this throughout the rest of your life you give your body the necessary tools to live longer and BETTER!

3. Is this a one time thing and done? For some I imagine this will be difficult but no…so is not a one and done thing. I have read different things about how often to do FMD (fasting mimicking diet). My fiance and I have been doing it every three months or so. This is our third time and I have to say that it gets better the more you do it. Like I said before your body is amazing and recognizes that it is going into fasting mode and starts to declutter like a champ!

4. How is this different from other fasts or diets? Well like I said before FMD is different from true fasting because you are allowed to eat. My fiance broached me with doing the fast saying it would be just eating vegetable soup everyday. So you don’t eat much but the food you do take it aids the body in getting rid of the yuck. This totally different from a diet. I don’t really like using the word diet, I tend to think of myself as lifestyle girl. Diets imply an end date…with healthy living there is no end date. FMD is a short 5 days where as healthy eating is life long. FMD is a good supplement to a healthy living.

5. What does my FMD week look like? So we always start on a Monday. I make sure to buy looks of vegetables over the week. The first couple days I like to have vegetables that I like to munch on…helps keep me focused. My go to’s are celery and carrots. I typically make 1 or two soups. I take soup for lunch. I make hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I also make sure that I have some almond or other nuts to munch on at work. I typically don’t eat big meals during the week, I graze throughout the day. I’ll have a couple almonds here and then an egg, maybe soup or salad for lunch. The first day is always the hardest because you are use to eating “normal” so when you cut out carbs (and coffee!) your body starts screaming! But after that you actually start to feel better. I also keep lots of herbal tea and water close. By day 4-5 you feel pretty good and don’t mind the fast.

6. What happens after the fast? So after the fast there is two ways you can go…continue eating your healthy foods that you were previously eating. Still enjoying your treats every now and then. The second way is if you are new to eating healthy and want to use this as a detox and a start to eating healthy. People start fasting for all different reasons so it’s important to look at why you want to do this and what the plan after the fast is. We always do a nice meals, but nothing crazy like pizza and brownies and Chick-fil-a. Its always something with carbs (and cheese!) but usually just a mini cheat of our regular life. You don’t want to bombard your newly clean system with lots and lots of junk. Take this time to refuel your muscles with good carbs, fats, and proteins.

Here is a website with more information on FMD if you want to do more research!

Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging

Sunday Post

Good Evening Guys!

So this is my first post. I am trying to get together a schedule…so bare with me as I get myself settled the next few weeks. I am hoping that my schedule will include the following:

  • Yoga pose of the week
  • Running post
  • Mediation/Mindfulness post
  • Recipe post
  • Randomness that is all things Cassie 🙂

So what I am hoping will happen is that on Sunday I will be able to lay out the bones of my week and plan so that I don’t get scattered (it happens believe me!). So this is what my week is going to look like: work and Fasting-Mimicking Diet (I am going to write a post about this tomorrow). With fasting I am not going to be able to exercise like I normally would so I am going to modify my runs to 2 miles and do yoga everyday. I am going to also work on breathing practice before bed. It is so important when starting a running, yoga, mediation practice to work on breathing. It is easy to forget about it because we do it all the time. BUT it is way more important and we need to give it the credit it is due! So I am going to spend 5-10 minutes daily to work on breathing. I think these are good things to start out with for the week. I am also going to work on my “Big Introduction” post. I want to be able to give it the time and dedication that it is due. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life and just recently I found a good way of managing it without ruining my life! So I want to make sure that I include everything that would be important to people reading this blog. Not only is this blog about feeding my soul but about helping others connect to theirs.

So that’s it for now.