Setting Goals

Hello guys!!!

I totally got side tracked last week and I didn’t do any posts…I am going to set a reminder to make sure that I do them every couple of days. I was driving home thinking about all the things I had to do and my anxiety seriously got the better of me. And then I remembered that I started this blog to help with my anxiety and keep me honest about my journey through running and meditating.

With that being said, my lack of posts, kind of goes along with my thought of doing a setting goal post! I mean it was like my brain was telling me I need to set goals! So I want to give you some info on how to set goals that you can stick with!

1. The first step is to think about why this goal is important to you? Many people set goals kind of willy nilly. For example lots of people set goals at the beginning of the year to lose weight. But it’s kind of like they just set it just to set it. Think about…do you want to lose weight for health reasons? To feel better emotionally? To increase your self-esteem? To decrease or stop blood pressure medicine/diabetes medication?

2. The next question is to ask yourself what resources or tools do you need to succeed? Do you need a buddy to go walking with you? Do you need to buy tools to reach your goals? Pay for a head hunter service? Sit down and honestly think about what you need to reach your goal.

3. Time frame. Some times we are all a little naive when it comes to setting a time frame. Remember that saying the Roman empire wasn’t built in a day? You will also have to take time to reach your goals. It’s also ok if you set a time frame that has to be amended. You want to be equally flexible and rigid.

After think about those things you want to remember that goals can be in every facet of your life; professional, personal, health, financial, etc.  So here are my goals and I encourage you to set your own goals…comment them below and let’s keep each other accountable!!

  • Personal – learn to be more open with my feelings with my loved ones. Learn to express my anxiety and use my coping skills.
  • Professional – expand my repertoire in addiction, eating disorders, and personality disorders
  • Running – complete first 10k, try to get 5k time below 30:00, complete half marathon in January.

So I hope this is helpful and that you will use these 3 things to help set goals that you will keep and help you get where you want to go!!!


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