Daily Dose of MOJO

So I have been looking for a book to do daily mediation. I never thought it would be so hard to find a book that I would find useful and yet appropriately pushing…but I think I did!

I bought Theresa Rose’s “Your Daily Dose of MOJO: 365 Days of Mindful Living and Working”. I love the way the book is set up and how she makes it positive and forces you to look at the positive. So I’m going to try and focus and share with you my journey through this as well!!

So today’s meditation was on living boldly and brazenly in the pursuit of joy and laughter. At times I find it hard to be joyful and laugh when my anxiety is high. My anxiety has been out of control over the last month. I think it has been this way due to increased wedding stress so my anxiety has increased. I am trying to remember that my joy does not come from other people. My joy doesn’t come from people doing or not doing what I think or want them to do. Sometimes we have to let go and feel the disappointment.

One thing that I learned recently is that humans have a tendency to “stuff” emotions. It’s common for people to say “such it up buttercup”. Problem is…that we need to feel our feelings. We need to feel not only good but negative emotions. Negative emotions let us appreciate the good ones. I also think that by feeling the disappointment and then letting go my anxiety has also decreased.

Just because I work with this everyday doesn’t mean that I am an expert…I still struggle almost daily with anxiety. I feel it so deeply that I just want to crawl up into a ball sometimes and shut everything down. I have to admit that sometimes I bring it on myself…I allow my anxiety to get the better of me. I allow it to grow instead of using my coping skills (running, meditation, breathing, etc) to help calm me down. I know that this is one of my major hurdles in feeling better, and I have gotten better about it over time.

So my wish for you today is to also learn to feel your feelings. BUT not to get stuck in the moment and not to worry about future moments…doing these things keeps you from enjoying your life. It prohibits you from experiencing joy. It hinders your ability to be present in the current moment.

What are the things you hope to find joy in today?



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